Join the Indian Academy of Tropical Parasitology (IATP)

Join the Indian Academy of Tropical Parasitology  (IATP), the only professional  Organisation of Medical Parasitologists in India contributing to the field of Tropical Parasitology. Joining IATP opens a plethora of opportunities for professionals, experts, and students to develop and upgrade further their education. This scientific forum provides a unique opportunity for networking, collaboration, and sharing of their experiences.

Founder members

Professionals of repute in tropical parasitology, interested and associated with the initial formation of the Academy in 2002  were the founder members. They will have all the rights and privileges as those of the life members.

Honorary Members

Professionals across the globe, who have made significant contributions to the advancement of tropical parasitology or the IATP shall be eligible for Honorary membership by-election as provided in the Bye-laws of the society. Such Honorary members shall have all the privileges of life member except the right to vote and the right to nominate members to or to serve on the council of the Association. Honorary members shall be elected by not less than three-fourth votes of the council, following nomination by two council members. Every year, a maximum of 2 honorary members will be elected.

Life Members

Candidates for Membership shall be nominated by a member and seconded by another member of the Academy, both of whom shall be members of IATP for at least 5 years standing. Nominated candidates should be a Medical/ Veterinary /Allied Health Sciences /Basic science  Post-graduate qualification. No person shall be eligible for admission as a member of the Academy if he/she has not obtained basic Degrees as required to become a Member of the Indian Academy of Tropical Parasitology.

IATP Membership Benefits

Annual Conferences of the IATP & Chapter meetings

The Annual  Conferences of the IATP & Chapter Meetings provide an excellent platform for sharing and exchanging the most recent advances in Tropical Parasitology across the globe. The conferences are attended by professionals across Academic institutes, Scientific bodies, Industry, etc.

Tropical Parasitology

All the Members of the IATP   have access to the  Tropical Parasitology, the bi-annual International Journal, published by the IATP since 2011.

IATP Newsletter

IATP News Letter provides a   medium for the dissemination of information pertaining to National /International events, conferences, CMEs, symposiums, workshops, etc. pertaining to the field of parasitic diseases.


Members are allowed to attend or view the exclusive Webinars on contemporary topics hosted by the IATP.


IATP advocates for the adaption of research–based policies that promote tropical parasitology health.


IATP  promotes  the members to  Connect with respected  Professional in tropical parasitology