Vision & Mission


Asian subcontinent free of tropical parasitic diseases.


The  Indian Academy of Tropical Medicine, founded in 2002, is the organization of parasitologists across medical, veterinary, basic science, and allied disciplines committed to minimizing the burden of tropical parasitic diseases in the Asian sub-continent and improving health worldwide. The Academy shall accomplish this by dissemination of knowledge and education, generate scientific evidence, advocating for investment in research, and recognizing excellence in tropical parasitology.


  • Fostering research in tropical parasitic diseases.

  • Facilitating international scientific collaboration.

  • Recognizing outstanding contributions in tropical parasitology. Educating medical, veterinary, basic science and public health professionals, policymakers, and the public about tropical parasitology.

  • Advocating evidence-based policy and practices regarding tropical parasitology.

  • Encouraging career development in tropical parasitology.